About Us


The Company

The inception of our company dates back a decade and traces its roots to the United Kingdom. We are now based in Sri Lanka and handle outsourced projects from the UK and many other countries.

The versatility of our product offering has evolved exponentially over the years as we are now capable of delivering dynamic products to a multitude of companies locally and globally.

Our journey began as Enspirer Solutions and we have re-branded ourselves as Ambrum Solutions upon acquiring many key accounts and partnerships.

The core strength of Ambrum Solutions rests in the ability to analyze, develop and deploy smart, sophisticated solutions to our clients.

Our creativity, technological expertise and an unparalleled after sales service, gives us the ability to render our discerning clients a competitive edge over the others.

At Ambrum Solutions, consultation comes free to clients seeking our services and we are committed to delivering the best possible solution.

Why Ambrum


The backbone of our organization is its skilled and committed workforce. Ambrum Solutions’ approach to project planning and implementation comes with the highest level of professionalism, which helps us stream through (volatile) situations and markets. We have delivered products to customers, which have appreciated sharply even through depressed economic times, which certifies our capability to deliver tailor-made successful products to our customers, no matter what the circumstances.


We are based on a paradise isle, known for many traditional industries. The past however has seen the development of the software and IT sector, due to the due to the availability of competent and talented individuals. Together with individuals of this nature, we hope to create products that will enhance the lifestyle of any consumer, not only on a national level, but a global one.


We thrive to produce and adapt value-added novelty in economic and social spheres. This is by way of assimilating products, services and markets to develop new custom made solutions that help our customers with better management systems.

Corporate Governance

A competent team backed by structured organizational controls and rational decision-making processes, invariably brings about a strong corporate governance policy. This helps monitor, assess and initiate the appropriate actions to all external risks that affect our company. In turn, this brings about an enhanced stakeholder value whereby our customers benefit in the long run.

Technological Risk Management

Our industry is one that evolves constantly. Future successes of our clients depend on the ability to harness all available products and services, and channel them to their best use, to enhance operations and output. We are committed and research continuously to ensure that we present all available options to our customers.